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The #1 Sewage Cleanup in Redlands, CA!

ACR Services provides sewage cleanup in Redlands to restore your home or business back to a safe and sanitary environment when you need it most!

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24/7 Emergency Sewage Cleanup in Redlands, CA

ACR Services technicians in Redlands are trained and experienced in cleaning up and remediating buildings that are exposed to sewage or black water.

Black water is any water that has it’s source from beyond the toilet trap. Regardless of color, black water is extremely unsanitary and is capable of causing disease and can contain dangerous chemicals and bacteria.

Our technicians are professional water damage restoration technicians who maintain up-to-date industry certifications. The safety of you, your family, your employees, your customers, and the public is our top priority.

Our mitigation services in Redlands also include controlling the spread of contaminates, maintaining proper temperature and humidity, applying disinfectants, and drying to pre-loss conditions with the use of dehumidification and infrared technology.

When you are in need of Sewage Cleanup services in Redlands, our team is available 24/7 to assist you in this emergency situation. ACR Services is dedicated to providing thorough, safe, and efficient Sewage Cleanup Services in Southern California.

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Sewage Cleanup Results in Redlands

We Care For Your Home Like It Was Our Own

Sewage Cleanup Service

Sewage Removal Near Redlands

During heavy rains we were called out to tarp the roof at this property near Redlands. We inspected the property and showed the homeowners the areas that were wet from the water intrusion. The homeowners called their insurance company and waited for an adjuster to come out and determine that the insurance company was going to cover the claim. After the insurance adjuster was out, the homeowners called us to dry their home. During the drying process it was determined that mold was present. We remediated the mold returning it to a safe environment for the homeowners.

Sewage Cleanup Damage
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Sewage Cleanup Damage Example
Sewage Damage Example
Sewage Damage Removal
Sewage Damage Remediation

Professional Sewage Cleanup Service

Questions & Answers About Sewage Cleanup

What should I do immediately after a sewage backup?

The safety of the people in the building or near the building is the first priority. Do not hesitate to call a certified and experienced water mitigation company to assist. Upon arrival they will perform an inspection, assess the situation, and formulate a plan of action for restoring the property to a sanitary and safe environment as quickly as possible.

Is raw sewage a health hazard?

Yes. Sewage Water and Black Water are a health hazard. Generally, there will always be Escherichia coli (E. Coli) in sewage waste. It could also contain dangerous chemicals as well as hepatitis, rotavirus and salmonella.

Can carpet be cleaned after a sewer backup?

If the leak is minor, a professional may be able to restore your carpet flooring so it’s safe for your family with a cleaning and disinfecting treatment. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may not be able to save the carpet.

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Sewage Cleanup Service and More in Redlands, CA!

The cleaning and restoration professionals in Redlands at ACR Services are highly trained and experienced to provide you with the best sewage cleanup service possible. Click our services below to learn more!

We Offer Sewage Cleanup Near You!

We provide 24/7 fast-response emergency water restoration and sewage cleanup services in Redlands and the surrounding area! Our response time in our service area is within one hour!